To foment cultural exchange and communication through enhancing and spreading the values of client brands, promoting artistic creativity and dissemination, and inspiring cultural research and sharing of ideas.


To become a leading cultural communication group offering a unique integrated space of the exchange of art, creativity, brand communication and ideas.


Clearsea Holdings Group was founded in 2002 with headquarters in Hong Kong, and with offices situated in Shanghai, Beijing and Qingdao as cities full of creativity and vitality, constituting the perfect hubs for dissemination of high quality art as well as for advancing the concept of creative brand marketing to the whole country and to the world. Since its founding, Clearsea sets in motion a wave that continues to grow into a large-scale cultural and creative communication group, creating a ripple effect of social influence and inspiration throughout the cultural, creative and communication industries.

Our group's mission is anchored in our expertise in the combined fields of brand & PR marketing, theatric and cinematographic productions and promotion, as well as academic research and communication. Integrating cutting-edge digital technologies with a sophisticated business model and creative marketing methods, Clearsea aims to build a unique and novel form of cultural exchange from a forward-looking perspective, breaking down the long-existing barriers between commerical communication and cultural.

Clearsea also regards as its duty to support the development of domestic arts while bringing forward their cultural heritage. Clearsea aims to faster young creative talents and theater professionals, through hosting a variety of international cultural exchange activities, which are testament to the sustainable enterprise culture and the profound sense of social responsibility of the Clearsea Group.


Unique integrated cultural communication space.



Experiential & PR marketing

Spread brand culture

Brand online promotion

Building thematic cultural projects


Foster&promote the culture of stage arts

International art communication

Theatre&film productions

Young&Artistic talents training


Intercultural studies&Communication

Cultural exchange forums&Academic research


- 2015 -
Hosted the East Asian artistic talent competition “Five Kings”
Clearsea Holdings Group successfully hosted the East Asian artistic talent competition “Five Kings” in Qingdao within the scope of the Ministry’s of Culture program "2015 East Asian Capital of Culture • Qingdao Year of Events", contributing to the cultural exchange with South Korea and Japan.
Established the Qingdao Sino-German Cultural Research Center
Clearsea Holdings Group, with the official sanction of the Qingdao Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, sponsored the establishment of this non-profit academic society aiming to foment cultural exchange and cooperation between China and Germany, as well as to promote contemporary Chinese studies in Germany.
Hosted an international academic seminar
Clearsea Holdings Group succesfully hosted the first international symposium in Qingdao on the topic of "Mind Exploration-A Dialogue between Buddhism and Philosophy", giving opening to exploring the parallels between the two different thought systems from an acedemic perspective.
- 2014 -
Shareholder & Operator of the renowned drama organization Long Ma Studio
Long Ma Studio is an influential dramatic theatre instituation that has produced and adapted numerous dramas, having performed over 300 shows, nearly half of them at the National Center for the Performing Arts.
Hosted the "Ideas Agora" cultural festival
Clearsea Holdings Group and Sanlian Life Weekly jointly held the 2nd edition of the "Ideas Agora" symposium, attracting more than 5,000 people to join this festival of culture debate, ideas exchange and artistic experiences.
- 2013 -
Supported the brand launch of Vespa in China
Clearsea supported the organization of the grand press conference in Beijing to mark the China launch of the Vespa brand. Clearsea and Vespa have entered a full partnership to boost the marketing development of the Vespa brand in China, including digital marketing activities, offline activities, public relations, and more.
Promoted the brand launch of McLaren in China
Clearsea supported the launch of McLaren brand in China through the organization of the "McLaren Uncovered" press conference attended by MaLaren senior staff, 56 core media and 150 distinguished guests.
- 2012 -
Created the Maserati Track Event brand property
Clearsea developed the concept and implementation of the cultural activity "Maserati Track Event" for Maserati to showcase its racing heritage. Perfectly combining the glorious brand history of Maserati with the experiential marketing for prospects, Clearsea made this activity a routine and one of the most important recurrent events and brand properties of Maserati.
- 2011 -
Launched the "Maserati 1000" rally
The "Maserati 1000" was conceived by Clearsea specially for Maserati in order to enhance the affinity with the Maserati brand culture among Maserati car owners as well as to amplify the brand's popularity and reputation among media and target prospects.
- 2010 -
Hosted large scale brand events in World Expo
Entrusted by Motorola, Clearsea group invited 500 Motorola VIP Customers to participate in the brand events at the Wold Expo in Shanghai, thus helping reinforce Motorola's 4G leadership and market expansion worldwide.
- 2009 -
Participated in the charity event for Wenchuan earthquake
Clearsea group expressed support to the seismic zone victims by participating in the charity auction event held by Fiat group, with the purchase of a limited edition of Fiat 500. Sarah Yao, chairman of Clearsea group, was awarded recognition by the Italian ambassador to China to acknowledge the group’s support.
- 2008 -
Cooperated with Beijing Olympic Games brand partner
Clearsea group provided services including large scale events organization, venue design & VIP Reception for the Beijing Olympic Games. The successful support for the splendid launch of this remarkable international grand event has highly increased the exposure and reputation of Clearsea group in the organization of international events.
- 2007 -
Acquired and rebranded the Qingdao Clearsea Art Boutique Hotel
Qingdao Clearsea Art Boutique Hotel is located in the former German governor's palace, considered a rare treasure of classic German garden architecture not only abroad but also within Germany. During the building's one hundred years of history as a hotel, many domestic and foreign leaders had stayed as guests.
- 2006 -
Promoted a top Italian art exhibition
Qingdao Clearsea Art Boutique Hotel is located in the former German governor's palace, considered a rare treasure of classic German garden architecture not only abroad but also within Germany. During the building's one hundred years of history as a hotel, many domestic and foreign leaders had stayed as guests.
- 2005 -
Hosted Qingdao International Beer Festival
The Qingdao International Beer Festival deeply impressed tourists since the opening ceremony, with the "Murphy Dynamic Carnival" brought by Clearsea being the high point of the festival.
- 2004 -
Received government award for promoting cultural exchange in Qingdao
To honor Clearsea group for its contribution to the promotion of development of foreign investment and trade in Qingdao, the Qingdao Chamber of Commerce (CCOIC) appointed the Clearsea group chairman Sarah Yao as a "Special Adviser" on American affairs and the " Merchants Ambassadors for Germany", recognizing Clearsea as a bridge for foreign investment and trade as well as cultural exchange in Qingdao.
Hosted the David Copperfield China tour
Clearsea, jointly with Poly group, hosted David Copperfield's tour in five cities across China. Stadiums and large pavilions were chosen for this series of large scale events in order to provide Chinese audience an unparalleled magic and fantasy show.
- 2003 -
Sponsored and promoted the Premiere of Cats in China
Clearsea acted as the exclusive sponsor and promoter of the world famous musical Cats in china, impressing Chinese audience with this fantastic Broadway masterpiece and transforming the whole facade of the Beijing Tianqiao Theater through a colossal spectacular billboard of the show.
Sponsored the Pompidou China Art Festival in France
Clearsea sponsored a Chinese delegation to participate in the 2003 Pompidou China Art Festival in France, organizing the largest to that day display of China contemporary art shown outside of China.
Unveiled German abstract art exhibition
Clearsea conceptualized and organized "A conversation between color and experiences", the opening ceremony of the Western Abstract Art Exhibition in Windsor Avenue in Beijing, getting unanimous praises from the German ambassador as well as domestic and foreign guests alike.
- 2002 -
Clearsea was established by the founder and chairman Sarah Yao, starting a new journey in the field of cultural exchange and communication.